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    Dylan Treisman

    Dylan Treisman says he left school without a clear idea of what he wanted to do. His father, who had co-founded a tech company, encouraged him to take an interest in coding.

    Dylan took IT subjects throughout high school, but he didn’t see himself following a career in computing.

    “Dad’s influence led to me falling into an IT degree, knowing I could take those very transferable skills into another field if I changed my mind later,” he says.

    Dylan’s Bachelor of Information Technology degree at UTS included two vastly different internships.

    “I worked as a business analyst at Westpac, and then at Nine Entertainment I was in hardcore, cutting-edge web development,” he says.

    “The experience helped me realise that IT skills are very transferable, and my graduate role here at Commonwealth Bank has helped me see the breadth of the industry.”

    In his current role, Dylan is a full stack web developer. “I build websites from the ground up – from the design and the buttons the user clicks, to actions that change the database at the other end, which in turn change what the user sees.”

    Dylan says he’s still not clear exactly what he’d like to do, but he’s realised that he doesn’t need to make one single decision.

    “Having both coding skills and the business experience with different roles across industries as a background gives me so many options,” he says.

    “I feel like I have a rock-solid foundation to build on.”

    – Fran Molloy

    Dylan’s career path:

    >> Bachelor of Information Technology, UTS

    >> Business analysis intern, Westpac

    >> Software engineering intern, Nine Entertainment

    >> Enterprise Services Graduate, Commonwealth Bank


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    IT skills are very transferable. My graduate role at Commonwealth Bank has helped me see the breadth of the industry.”

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    Fran Molloy

    Author: Fran Molloy

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