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    Livia Lam

    innovation solutions
    By Gemma Conroy

    Livia believes that true innovation begins by being open to change, and group collaboration leads to better ideas and solutions.

    “Companies have always innovated, but change is happening much more rapidly these days, which is why it is important for companies to activate change from within,” she says.

    During her studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, she initially interned as an accountant but discovered her passion actually resided in IT. “What I love about IT is that you get to create something new with each project,” she says. “IT can be combined with pretty much everything – it’s not all about coding!”

    As a Commonwealth Bank innovation solutions manager, Livia manages a wide variety of 12-week projects, from creating banking solutions for farmers to helping planners build smart cities. She says that collaboration is key to project success. “Exploring different viewpoints leads to better ideas.”

    Livia’s path to becoming an innovation solutions manager

    >> Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney

    >> User Experience analyst, NBN Co

    >> User Experience  Consultant, DHA/UX

    >> Enterprise Services Graduate, Commonwealth Bank

    >> Innovation Solutions Manager, Commonwealth Bank

    “Information Technology can be combined with pretty much anything – it’s not all about coding!”

    Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Science
    University of Technology, Sydney

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