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    Matt Schilg

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    “There is always a path to get to the career you want,” stresses Matt.

    Matt Schilg’s studies took a sideways step into the growing field of cyber security

    Matt Schilg’s biggest career hurdle was figuring out what to do after high school. “I knew I wanted to study further but it took me some time to work out exactly what I would be happy doing for work full time,” he says.

    A tech enthusiast with a passion for home automation, Matt initially studied interactive and digital media at Wodonga TAFE. A few years later, he began a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Griffith University majoring in Networks and Security. 

    After feeling so uncertain about his career path after high school, he’s found that the opportunities in STEM are so wide that it’s OK not to know. “If you aren’t happy with what you find yourself doing there are a thousand other options that are only a step to the side,” he says.

    Securing the future

    Matt’s degree opened his eyes to the increasing need for cyber skills in Australia, and not long after finishing uni he started a grad program at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) in cyber security. “I love all things cyber and to know it’s a growing field just means more options and opportunities for everyone,” he says. 

    Grads at CBA contribute to real projects from day one, and Matt works with a team to respond to cyber incidents and attacks. “The goal is to ensure we keep the bank, our suppliers and most importantly our customers safe from cyber threats as they occur,” he says.

    One of Matt’s most meaningful projects was participating in the National Missing Persons Hackathon, which assists police to find missing people in Australia. “Basically using your Insta/Facebook stalking skills (among other things) to find any information you can to help locate real missing people!”

    Matt’s advice is to keep learning and growing. “Ask questions,” he says. “There is always a path to get to the career or work you want to do.” – Sarah Kellett

    Matt’s study and career pathway

    • Certificate IV, Interactive & Digital Media, Wodonga TAFE
    • Bachelor of IT (Networks & Security Major), Griffith University
    • IT Support Analyst, Griffith University
    • Enterprise Services Graduate, CBA
    • Third Party Cyber Incident Responder, CBA

    This article is brought to you in partnership with CBA and originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021.


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