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Nikolina Cvetanovic

Financial services graduate

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Nikolina Cvetanovic just loves a challenge – and she loves to solve problems. At the Commonwealth Bank (CBA), this chemical engineering and economics graduate is involved in both. Her role in corporate financial services is constantly changing and involves plenty of client contact.

Nikolina recently joined the CBA’s graduate program, and is involved with new transactions, lending reviews, client interaction and risk management. But it’s her engineer’s attention to detail that has proved one of the most useful attributes, as there’s a constant pressure to make sure all these deals are properly documented.

“The graduate program involves really good training, giving me the chance to rotate through different areas and test different skill sets,” she enthuses.

Nikolina’s path to becoming a corporate financial services graduate

>> Bachelor of chemical engineering (honours), University of Adelaide & Bachelor of Economics, University of WA

>> Merchandiser, Nestle

>> Corporate financial services graduate, CBA

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“The graduate program involves really good training.”


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