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    Norman Yue

    cybersecurity careers

    Norman Yue’s job is to keep people, and their money, safe from cybercrime. A senior manager in application security at the Commonwealth Bank, he looks after a team dedicated to keeping the criminals away from your information. And to defeat the criminals, you need to think like one. “It’s about thinking, what are the bad guys going to see?” he says. “How are people going to try and get the data on that computer?”

    Norman was studying computer science at UNSW Australia when a friend told him about penetration testing and cybersecurity careers.

    “He said that companies will pay you to try and break into their systems and tell them about what’s wrong,” Norman says. “I thought that was really exciting.” He left the course to try working in the field, and hasn’t looked back.

    When he’s not at work, Norman has his own projects and plays laser tag with other information security obsessives.

    They also get together to enter ‘capture the flag’ competitions run by universities and businesses, like the annual Cyber Security Challenge.

    “One of the cool things about cybersecurity careers, for me, is that it’s about understanding technology in really creative ways,” he says. “It needs you to think outside the box.”

    – Chloe Walker

    Norman’s path to working against cybercrime

    >> Started a Bachelor of Computer Science, UNSW Australia

    >> Penetration testing contractor

    >> Senior manager in application security, CommBank

    >> Senior software engineer, Commbank

    cybersecurity careers

    “It’s about understanding technology in really creative ways.”


    Author: Breana


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