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    Talia Elchah

    campaign manager

    In high school, I always thought my passion for maths would lead to a career in medicine, so I opted to study medical science at the University of Sydney. However, after just one semester, I realised medicine was not my calling, so I moved to a double degree in mathematics and finance at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

    After graduating, I tacked on an extra year of honours study and found myself researching solar energy pricing. It was a fascinating project and it gave me a broader understanding of how maths can be used to solve complicated problems – a skill I use now as a campaign analyst in Commonwealth Bank’s deposits and transactions team.

    I get to use logic to drive big decisions, which is so exciting and while my role requires a lot of technical skills, like coding and data analysis, it also involves helping colleagues develop effective campaigns that will get results and meet customer needs.

    I’m passionate about breaking down complex ideas into simple steps, and I get to do this every day, working with different people. When I see the “aha” moment on their faces, it’s an amazing feeling.

    The key to improving maths skills is in finding the answer. Many people just focus on getting it right, but you need to understand each step that leads you there, too. Once you master the steps, you will have skills that can be applied anywhere.

    Talia’s path to becoming a campaign manager

    >> Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (Honours), UTS

    >> Analyst, Deloitte Australia

    >> Campaign Manager, Commonwealth Bank

    campaign manager

    “I get to use logic to drive big decisions, which is so exciting.”

    Elise Roberts

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