Cyber Security Governance, Awareness & Communications Officer

    Chrissie Sorgini

    Cyber Security Governance, Awareness and Communications Officer

    Good communication skills are all you need in cyber security awareness, says Chrissie Sorgini, a Cyber Security Governance, Awareness and Communications Officer.

    Chrissie Sorgini is the ‘chief cyber wordsmith’ at aerospace engineering firm Nova Systems. “What that means is that I take complex IT concepts and jargon and simplify them into plain English, in order to boost cyber security awareness,” she says.

    Cyber security is a long way from Chrissie’s first communications role as a marketing manager for a retail brand. After working in fashion for a number of years, Chrissie moved into education, first at a school and then at South Australia’s education department. It was her education experience that caught Nova’s attention.

    “I’ve always been intrigued by cyber safety – it was always a common topic for students, parents and staff,” she says. “I never expected that as a communications professional, anyone would want to employ me as part of their information security team, but I really loved the idea of being part of an emerging industry where I could learn something new every day.”

    As well as educating staff about cyber security issues, Chrissie also writes and edits security policies and creates strategies for making changes in the business. She says that cyber security officers don’t need a technical IT background, just “an ability to take a concept and make it interesting for the audience”.

    That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a bit of a learning curve at the beginning. “I had to learn all things cyber from scratch!” Chrissie says. “It was a very new world for me and in my first two weeks, I learned a great deal about how to protect myself and my workplace. I read and watched and listened to everything I could possibly find – articles from colleagues, podcasts, videos, even took quizzes to test my knowledge.”

    And there’s always more to learn. “Every day is different and there is always something new to learn about cyber security that I can share with the rest of the company.”

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    Chrissie’s study and career path to becoming a cyber security governance, awareness & communications Officer

    • Bachelor of Public Relations, University of South Australia
    • Marketing and PR Coordinator, Ted Baker
    • Communications and Publications Officer, Glenunaga International High School
    • Website Project Officer, Department for Education SA
    • Cyber Security Governance, Awareness and Communications Officer, Nova Systems
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