Christine Soriano

    By Laura Boness

    Google user interface designer Christine strives to make technology better for us all.

    “I love finding and creating ways of using technology to help us live our lives,” she says. “It can assist us in education, as we age and in times of crisis. It can connect us with the people and the things we care about. I make technology more human. I love my job!”

    Christine studied computer science at Victoria University and then graphic design at RMIT University. She worked as a usability consultant, designing and improving user interfaces.

    Christine also worked on STREAT – a platform that helps homeless youth improve their employability.

    One of her current projects is shaping the Google assistant in Google Now to help meet user information needs. Her studies were both a foundation and a springboard for what she does now.

    “Computer science gives you the key skills to shape technology in your own way,” she says. “What I gained was the ability to design and create products (like STREAT) that do good – to make positive and meaningful experiences for people and the world.”

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