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    Divya Sharma

    Divya Sharma - Client Onboarding Manager

    Working in artificial intelligence is an awesome way to future proof your career! Check out Divya Sharma’s path into this hot STEM area.

    At school, Divya was super interested in computer subjects and thought the next obvious step for herself would be to pursue a STEM degree. She earned a Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science Engineering) from the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, and eventually came to work in artificial intelligence!

    Divya is the Client Onboarding Manager for Faethm AI – a Sydney-based artificial intelligence platform that provides data on the impact of automation on economies, industries, companies, jobs, tasks, skills and people. Their SaaS (software as a service) platform is trained on billions of data points to make AI-powered predictions about the future.

    In her STEM gig, Divya helps clients on their data journey to Faethm’s SaaS platform. “I enable them to generate useful insights from their data and ensure they are getting maximum value out of this partnership,” she explains.

    Faethm’s vision – to show how emerging technology will have an impact on the workforce and how we should start preparing for the Future of Work by reskilling/upskilling in the right direction – fuels the purpose behind her day-to-day work and all the company’s projects.

    One of the highlights for Divya has been working with a Business Resilience Module in response to COVID-19. “It helped organisations gauge which jobs could be done productively remotely, and which jobs required a higher degree of human interaction,” she says. “It has served to be particularly useful during this pandemic as it identifies the jobs which might be at the highest risk of contagion.”

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    Diversity in STEM

    Divya advocates for more diversity in STEM to improve outcomes across the board. “Unfortunately, the current STEM workforce is very male-dominated and I hope we can include more women of colour and different ages to come forward and make a mark for themselves,” she says. “At the same time, it falls on the employers to introduce more diversity and inclusion initiatives to bridge this gap. This will eventually help in expanding not just the social spectrum but also help boost economic growth.”

    Advice for future STEM pros

    Start early! “Once you have the background in STEM, it is easy to switch to different genres if you want to at a later stage,” Divya explains. “Since, tech is now ingrained in all professions, it would be useful to have a strong tech foundation upon which you can keep building on.”

    She also believes it’s important to keep pace with technology and to keep upskilling in your areas of interest as new tech trends continue to dominate the field.

    Divya’s study and career path to becoming a Client Onboarding Manager at Faethm AI

    • Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science Engineering), Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
    • (Management), University of Leeds
    • MBA, Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW)
    • HR Executive, Jaypee Hotels
    • Assistant Manager – HR, Kingdom of Dreams
    • Centre Manager, Cadd Centre
    • Client Onboarding Manager, Faethm AI
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