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    Florencia Irena

    While some people are busy planning how to get a job at Google, Florencia Irena is already there.

    After graduating in 2016 with a degree in Computer Science Engineering at UNSW and the University Medal, Florencia landed her first job at Google Australia, joining the Google Maps JavaScript API team.

    She’s working on a product that allows developers to embed Google Maps on their websites. “I’m dealing mostly with client-side code, displaying map tiles, animation and markers on the map, with a bit of server-side work to get map data to the client side.”

    How do you get a job at Google?

    So how does someone who started university with very little coding experience end up at Google? In Florencia’s case, the combination of hard work and a rigorous degree program gave her the confidence to apply for the job.

    CS at UNSW

    The degree in Computer Science Engineering at UNSW “was broad and flexible enough that it prepared me to work in the software or hardware engineering industry,” she explains.

    At UNSW there was also the opportunity to connect with experts.

    I was able to learn from and work with people who are passionate about their fields, whether that was in embedded system, algorithms, or electrical engineering.

    And, even though Florencia was one of a very small number of women studying Computer Engineering at the time, she “felt very supported throughout my study—I never felt left out.”

    Developing the confidence for her career

    Over the course of her degree Florencia’s self-confidence grew, and she started to see herself building a career in computer programming.

    She scored three internships with the Google STEP program.

    “At the time, I was nervous that I didn’t have enough knowledge to score an internship at a company as big as Google, but apparently the knowledge I had gained from my university studies was good enough to get me in.”

    Florencia says working at Google is fun, impactful and rewarding—a great place for a long and successful career.

    Rebecca Hanlon


    Florencia’s pathway to Computer Science Engineering at UNSW and a job at Google

    >> Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering, UNSW

    >> UNSW Tutor

    >> Engineering intern, Google

    >> Software engineer, Google


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