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Courtney Hoskin

Software Engineer


As a tech grad fluent in code, Courtney Hoskin spends 9-to-5 developing apps that change people’s lives

Courtney Hoskin has the dream gig as a software engineer at Google – but it’s not like getting into tech was always the aim.

At school the University of Canterbury grad always rated maths and science subjects, but never thought about how studying STEM could land her a forever job. In fact she headed into an engineering degree not even knowing which field she’d end up in. 

“I randomly took ‘Intro to Computer Science’ in my first year and got into software engineering from there!” she says. “And now? Well, here I am!” 

After interning at a small Christchurch-based tech company and landing a part-time gig as a tutor at the same uni she studied at, Courtney gained the confidence needed to apply at one of the world’s biggest companies. 

And yep, her job is just as cool – and important – as you’d think. 

“I work on sharing in Google Photos, where I’m on the iOS [operating system] team,” says Courtney. “Our goal is to help people share and receive photos with the people they love.” 

As a fan of the app from way back – “my dad always used it!” – Courtney loves how she’s using her tech skills to help others curate their memories.  

“I love seeing how technology is a good thing that has the potential to improve people’s lives!”

Global Googler

With so many opportunities in tech, and an awesome future-focused employer, the sky – or rather Cloud – is the limit when it comes to Courtney’s next-gen STEM career. 

“I don’t really have a specific goal,” she stresses. “ I just want to be working on something that improves people’s lives and feel like I’m making a difference in the world.”

And with the flexibility of working for a global tech company, fingers crossed for some travel too. Thanks to 2020 and a temporary home office swap, Courtney spent two weeks last year WFQ (working from hotel quarantine).  

Productive? Yes. Office as cool as Google HQ? Never.

Courtney’s study and career pathway

  • Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) , The University of Canterbury, NZ
  • Tutor, The University of Canterbury, NZ
  • Software Engineering Intern, Treshna Enterprises
  • Software Engineer, Google

This article is brought to you in partnership with Google and originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021.


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