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Quinn Papworth

Crypto analyst

Quinn Papworth caught the crypto bug during COVID and is now on a path to an exciting career working as a crypto analyst

As an intern at a cryptocurrency investment company, Quinn spends his time researching crypto assets and markets, something he used to do for fun when he was studying science at uni.

“I saved some money during the COVID pandemic, and then kind of discovered crypto and just fell in love with it,” Quinn says. “I made some money, then lost some money and after a few cycles of that I realised the tech behind it is actually really cool,” he adds.

Having taught himself about blockchain, which is the decentralised database that cryptocurrencies rely on, Quinn decided to switch from studying science to business and finance. His blockchain-enabled business major includes more maths than his science degree, but Quinn says as long as you have a basic understanding of maths you can get by.

Quinn landed his internship at investment firm Apollo Crypto through networking on LinkedIn and would like to be an investment analyst when he finishes his degree. He’d also like to be the founder of a blockchain project one day.

“There are just so many cool use cases for blockchain that haven’t been fully explored yet, or maybe not explored well,” Quinn says.

He says while many people are negative about crypto, the underlying technology could revolutionise financial markets.

Quinn’s top tip for uni

“Don’t just go to university for the classes and go home. The real value of a university education is the network you derive from it and the opportunities it can open up. Make the most of your uni life and get involved – it makes it much more enjoyable.”

What is crypto?

Cryptocurrency is money that exists only in digital form, not in physical form, and unlike cash, it doesn’t require a bank to verify transactions. The records of its ownership and exchange are verified and maintained by a decentralised system that relies on cryptography to keep it secure. 

Bitcoin is one example of a cryptocurrency, but there are thousands of others. Cryptocurrency is known to fluctuate wildly in value, making it risky to invest in, but it’s also growing in popularity with investors.

Quinn’s study and career path to becoming a crypto intern

  • Bachelor of Business (Finance and Blockchain-Enabled Business), RMIT (ongoing)
  • Intern, Meals with Impact
  • Intern, Apollo Crypto

This profile originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2024.

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