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Peter Kydas

Cyber Captain

cyber captain

Careers in cyber security are so new and the demand so great that schools and universities are still catching up on creating curriculum content. While around half of Australian universities (as well as TAFEs and private colleges) now offer courses in cyber security, uni student Peter Kydas got most of his security expertise in the RMIT University cyber security club.

The club is more than just learning from industry (although that is a critical part). Members group together on ‘capture the flag’ challenges to learn how to problem solve and gain ethical hacking skills. They also take part in the Cyber Security Challenge.

Currently finishing up a computer science and engineering degree, the club got Peter’s foot in the door with global consulting company EY’s Graduate Program.

“The RMIT cyber security club does weekly meetings and presentations on cybersecurity trends as well as technical workshops. This was a really good introduction to the field,” he says. 

While the cyber security club opened Peter’s eyes to the possibilities of cyber security careers, there’s work to be done on educating parents, he says. “My mum thinks it’s a fad and doesn’t know why I’m going into it!

“Kids today are more prepared and get the privacy implications and data that are being collected compared to the older generations. I’ll think there will be a big shift in the way we think about cyber security in the future.” 

Peter’s career path:

>> Bachelor of Electronics Engineering/Computer Science, RMIT

>> Past president, RMIT Cyber Security Club

>> Recruit, EY Graduate Program

This article was originally published in our special edition of Careers with STEM: Cybersecurity 2019. You can read the e-magazine for free online here.

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