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Kavika Singhal

Cyber security consultant

Kavika - cyber security consultant

We chatted to a cyber security consultant to get a behind the scenes look at this study and career path

Curiosity and a strong desire to make a difference kickstarted Kavika’s career
in cyber security – although, to begin with, she had no background in information technology or coding. 

“Establishing myself as an industry professional has been a roller-coaster ride,”
she explains.

Kavika enrolled in a Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour at Western Sydney University. Her career path since then has included working as a private investigator at
a company called Cybertrace, an internship with Google and her current gig as a cyber security consultant at professional services company EY (aka Ernst & Young).

CwS: What is it that makes cyber security such a cool career to get into?

Kavika: Cyber security is a hub for innovation and advancement, owing to the new changes in technology. If challenges keep your adrenaline running and learning is your favourite subject, cyber security is the best place for you.

CwS: What should I study after school if I want to work in cyber security?

Kavika: Any technology degree! Australian universities and TAFE run many cyber security programs to help aspiring cyber security professionals learn and gain experience in the industry. However, if you are interested in engineering, artificial intelligence (Ai), machine learning, blockchain, computer science or information technology, these fields are a great stepping stone to aim for a cyber security career. In the near future, cyber security will be a necessity in every industry that uses technology, so you aren’t bound by any limitations on your exploration journey!

CwS: I don’t know how to code! Could I still get a job in cyber security?

Kavika: Yes, of course! Coding is not a prerequisite for building a lot of cyber security jobs. The level of coding knowledge required depends on your chosen niche for the field, however you can gain the skills on the job. 

CwS: Best thing about your job as a cyber security consultant?

Kavika: Real impact and collaboration. Cyber security is not a one-person job; many teams come together to defend against cyber criminals. At the end of the job, I love the feeling of making a genuine impact in the world through my work.

Kavika’s pathway to becoming a cyber security consultant

  • Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour, Western Sydney University
  • Cyber crime investigator, Cybertrace
  • Information technology intern, Google
  • Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
  • Research assistant, Western Sydney University
  • Cyber security consultant, EY

This article was originally published in Careers with STEM: Cyber Security – the flip cover to Careers with STEM: Technology.

Order a print copy here or read the e-mag for free

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