Cyber Security Consultant

    Aadeeba Mou

    Cyber security consultant

    I have always had a passion for IT, ever since I was a little girl and I learnt how to decorate websites using HTML. I would spend hours on the internet learning skills and playing games, which all contributed to where I am today. But I have many passions outside of tech too! I love sport, photography, food, gaming and anything Sci-Fi.

    My dream was to be a cyber security consultant at PwC and I am lucky enough to have achieved that. To be involved in cyber security, you need to develop a good understanding of computers, networks and systems, which you can learn through computer science (CS) and other tech degrees. CS is a great, booming area and very useful now that we are living in the digital age!

    One of the best experiences I’ve had during my journey in cyber security was taking part in the Cyber Security Challenge Australia (CySCA). It’s a 24-hour hacking challenge, run by the Australian Government and sponsored by PwC and other companies. Multiple teams of four from universities all around Australia compete and put both their technical and communication skills to the test.

    It’s great for people who are really passionate about cyber security or looking to learn more about it. I had fantastic fun with my team and it opened a lot of doors for me. I would highly recommend taking part!

    If anyone out there wants to learn about cyber security, tech or computer science, I’d recommend starting as early as you can. There are heaps of helpful resources, websites and competitions out there, so never be afraid to ask.

    Everything that I have learnt about security is self-taught – friends sharing resources, spending my spare time learning, and simply asking for help. So put your hand up for any opportunity that comes your way and participate in as many programs as you can, such as CySCA!

    Click here to learn more about the Cyber Security Challenge 2017.

    Aadeeba’s path to becoming a cyber security consultant

    >> Completed a combined Bachelor of Science (Applied Maths and Physics) and Computer Science at Monash University

    >> Participated in the Cyber Security Challenge Australia

    >> Found her dream job as a Cyber Security Consultant at PwC Australia.

    “Put your hand up for any opportunity that comes your way and participate in as many programs as you can!”

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