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Asli Yoruk

Data scientist

Asli Yoruk - Data Scientist at Commonwealth Bank

Finding insights in data to bring clarity and inform decisions is all in a day’s work for Asli Yoruk

Can you guess what a future data scientist named as her top two favourite subjects in high school? Biology and geometry! But Asli didn’t go down a related study path right away. First up, she completed a Bachelor of Computer Science at RMIT. Then her OG passions led her back to study bioinformatics, which is all about using tech to collect and analyse biological data (like DNA).

After working as an associate data scientist for a tech company, Asli switched things up and is now a data scientist for Commonwealth Bank. A typical day on the job involves data analysis and visualisation, data processing, data modelling and researching.

“I find patterns in data and find insights,” she explains. “It’s interesting because when there’s too much data we miss all the valuable detail and get lost in it. Bringing insight helps people understand what’s going on.”

If you’re keen on getting into data science, Asli believes you’ll be in demand and could work in all kinds of industries and areas!

“The importance of data insights and prediction has been recognised and almost all companies are now seeking data scientists.”

She also thinks it’s important to get support from teaching staff, parents and other people in your life throughout your STEM study path, and to have patience.

“If you can’t solve a problem and get frustrated, it is sometimes so easy to give up. But keeping at it will give you a solution.”

When she’s not wearing her data scientist hat for Commonwealth Bank, you’ll find Asli gaming or teaching – she’s also a lead mentor at She Codes Australia, where she inspires women to sharpen their tech skills and code.

Asli’s study and career path to becoming a data scientist at Commonwealth Bank

  •   Bachelor of Computer Science, RMIT
  •   Master of Bioinformatics, UQ,
  •   Associate data scientist, DXC technology
  •   Lead mentor, She Codes Australia
  •   Data scientist, Commonwealth Bank

This article was brought to you in partnership with Commonwealth Bank and first appeared in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2023.

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