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Ben Tran

Developer, space tech start-up

Ben Tran space tech satellite start-up developer careers with stem profile

Software developer Ben Tran always had a thing for space, but it wasn’t until a few years into his career that he realised it could be his career. “When I was little, I liked looking into the sky and wondering what was out there,” he says.

After studying software engineering at the University of Adelaide, Ben’s first job was graduate developer at health informatics company Alcidion. During his rotations through testing, development, quality assurance and project management, he discovered he enjoyed being part of the service delivery team. “They deploy services to the client and make sure everything works,” he says.

Now, Ben is a front-end developer at Myriota, a space technology startup that lets users receive maintenance updates from things like remote water pumps and wind turbines using sensors that communicate with satellite technology.

Ben works on a number of projects including the dashboard where users can check on their equipment and receive notifications of problems that need fixing.

“I like that we’re solving real-world problems,” Ben says. “I like to see the users satisfied with the products I’ve made.”

Career path

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering), University of Adelaide
  • Graduate Developer, Alcidion
  • Front-end Developer, ControlTrack
  • Front-end Developer, Myriota
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