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    Madeleine McCowage

    “I would advise anyone against dropping maths — it’s such a bad idea!” says Madeleine. “Maths is a stepping stone to so many careers.”

    From China to Paris, Madeleine is now something of a diplomat in her work with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) as a senior analyst, evaluating the Chinese economy to understand trade elements like exchange rates or capital flows, and how these affect our economy.

    You can find Madeleine working bright and early at 7am each morning, to catch up on international developments from the night before. Her role involves a lot of communication to understand and relay these economic updates.

    “Economists are no longer just trapped in coding software and equations — they are out in force, explaining market developments and policy to an interested public.”

    This year, Madeleine is off to Paris with a scholarship from the RBA to study a Masters in International Economic Policy. Career development opportunities like this are what the bank is all about.

    “There is a push to encourage women to study economics and work at the RBA,” she says. “Not just women; LGBTIQ, Indigenous Australians and other minorities. There is lots of support to take the next step.”

    – Eliza Brockwell

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    Madeleine McCowage, global economist with the RBA
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