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Sayura Kairbekova

Electrical engineer

Growing up I was always curious about how things worked and how to make things better. This lead me on a pathway towards a career as an electrical engineer

— By Sayura Kairbekova

I am an electrical engineer in Water Industry at WSP. I work on projects that deliver clean water to our community. I take great pride working in this industry as I believe that water is the glue of life.

Although the industry demographics are changing, electrical engineering is still a male dominated industry. One of the reasons why women choose not to study engineering (according to Engineers Australia) is that there is a lack of information on what an engineer does day-to-day. When in fact, engineering can be an exciting career pathway!

I will give a little bit of taste what I do as a full time electrical design engineer.

My main job is analysing a problem and coming up with a solution. For instance, if a design proves inadequate for optimal operations, I seek alternative solutions to enhance efficiency.

I also solve problems using Power design software, engineering calculations and by developing CAD drawings. I provide design support during the construction and commissioning phase on water projects.

Site visits are an important part of the job. Some water processing facilities are quite complex, and you can only see the problems when you go to site.

Day-to-day I’m also networking with equipment suppliers and industry delivery partners.

There are so many career paths available with an electrical engineering degree, such as project engineer, communications engineer, test engineer, systems engineer, design engineer etc.

Tips for success

Don’t be afraid to explore and experience different paths. Discovering what you don’t like is equally as important as finding out what you do like.

There are a lot of opportunities in Australia for women in electrical engineering. Follow your interest and even if it looks hard today, you will get there eventually.

Reach out to people if you get stuck. You will soon realise that a lot of people are willing to help you if you can demonstrate initiative.

For more inspiration on this career check out out Electrical Engineer Job Kit!

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