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Joshua Yi

Electrical engineer

Electrical Engineer ANSTO

Joshua Yi likes machine learning and working with his hands, which makes his job working with ANSTO’s state-of-the-art facilities and tools the perfect fit!

Joshua studied a double degree at Monash University after high school – a Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering combined with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Applied Mathematics. With such impressive-sounding qualifications, it might be surprising to hear that “passing with good grades” has been one of the biggest hurdles he’s faced in his study and career path so far.

“I have a short attention span and have struggled with traditional studying in the past,” says Joshua, who would rather be pulling apart analogue tech than reading about it in a text book. 

Despite the challenges, he persevered through his textbook-heavy studies, and has now landed a job at ANSTO where he gets to apply his STEM skills and work hands-on with some very cool nuclear science tech everyday.

Safety first

Joshua works at ANSTO’s nuclear waste treatment facility. Synroc is ANSTO-developed innovative technology to process nuclear waste from nuclear medicine production. “I currently work at the demo plant which showcases the feasibility of the technology,” explains Joshua. “My job is to work with other engineers to deploy, maintain and implement the electrical systems for the technology.”

His favourite project so far has been working on an innovative radiation imaging technology, which helps keep workers safe by detecting invisible radiation. “There was a strong focus on prototyping and quickly testing new ideas,” says Joshua. 

“I was able to further improve my programming skills as well as get more practical hands-on experience working with analogue electronics. Overall, the project was a good mix of the skills that I want to continue developing in the future.”

As for his future career goals, Joshua is excited about Australia’s emerging space sector and hopes to be a part of it one day!

Joshua’s top career tip

“Get involved with events and student teams as early as possible. Just putting yourself out there and talking to people can lead to unexpected opportunities.”

Joshua’s study and career path to becoming an electrical engineer at ANSTO

  • Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering / Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics), Monash University
  • Software Engineer, Monash Connected Autonomous Vehicle team
  • Electrical Engineer, ANSTO

Want to find out more about nuclear science careers? Find out how to build your own, using STEM + X, here!

This profile was brought to you in partnership with ANSTO and a version of it was originally published in Careers with STEM: Science.


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