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Emily Major-Goldsmith

Cyber security consultant

Cyber security careers

Cyber security consultant Emily Major-Goldsmith loves the flexibility and diversity of working in the sector

As a cyber security consultant at Kinetic IT in Perth, Emily says no two days are ever the same. Her role involves analysing IT systems to find risks that hackers could exploit and coming up with options to stop them. But she also pursues her interests in marketing and community participation.

“I get to mentor high school students, work within the community and write articles and information pieces relevant to cyber,” says Emily.

Another great perk is job flexibility. Emily works three days a week from home and is currently on an extended break, spending time with family in the UK and travelling around Europe.

Hard and soft skills

Emily was initially attracted to cyber security by the job opportunities and great pay. “I started to look closely into the industry and the careers available, and a curiosity was sparked,” she says.

Emily decided to study a Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security) at Edith Cowan University (ECU) – the only Perth uni to offer a standalone degree at the time. She says her time at ECU also offered valuable opportunities to develop her skills as an ambassador and speaker: “Technical skills are important, but soft skills take you a long way in this industry.”

During her degree, Emily worked as a service desk technician at Kinetic IT, which turned into an Associate Security Consultant position after she completed an industry placement during her final semester.

Diverse grads needed!

Emily says inspiring a diverse next gen of cyber security grads is a top priority because, to outwit hackers, we need people with a wide range of backgrounds and thinking styles: “The cyber industry is expanding into almost every field you can think of. Without a new generation of diverse grads, we are going to struggle to meet all our challenges!”

Emily’s pathway

  • Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security), Edith Cowan University
  • Service Desk Technician, Kinetic IT
  • Ambassador and presenter, Edith Cowan University
  • Associate Security Consultant, Kinetic IT
  • Security Consultant, Kinetic IT

 This article is sponsored by Edith Cowan University and was originally published in Careers with STEM: Cyber Security – the flip cover to Careers with STEM: Technology.

Careers with STEM: Cyber Security
Careers with STEM: Cyber Security

Order a print copy here or read the e-mag for free


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