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Ashleigh Nicholls

Energy analyst

Ashleigh Nicholls - energy analyst

Studying renewable energy has taken Ashleigh Nicholls to Germany where she gets to travel Europe and tap the German language skills she learnt in school

In her current gig as an energy analyst for global consulting firm Baringa, Ashleigh gets to use her engineering skills to help the climate. She’s based in Dusseldorf, Germany, one of the world-leaders in renewable energy, and on the weekends can jump on a train and be in another European country in minutes.

“I was always really interested in the environment and then later in sustainability and climate change,” Ashleigh says. “But I hadn’t actually heard of renewable energy as a degree.”

At a UNSW open day, Ashleigh got a tour of the large solar array. “It really put it into a cool perspective, and I was like, yeah, that’s what I wanna do.”

Having missed out on a planned German exchange semester at school due to COVID, Ashleigh still had her sights set on Germany. When she was chatting to some uni mates working for Baringa in Sydney, she realised they also had a German office, and the rest is history.

Now, Ashleigh works at the cutting edge of the renewable energy industry, advising clients investing in big batteries that work alongside large renewable energy plants throughout Europe.

“Day to day I get to hear and work with people working on projects in other countries and see how all the different markets and regulations are changing and responding to broader European regulations.”

Ashleigh’s study and career path to becoming an energy analyst

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Renewable Energy, UNSW
  • Mentor, UNSW Women in Engineering Society
  • Mentor, Renewable Energy Society, UNSW
  • Solar Farm System Analyst Internship, ITP Development
  • Energy Analyst, Baringa

This article was brought to you in partnership with UNSW SPREE and first appeared in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2023.


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