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Caitlyn Roberts

Environmental health officer

Environmental health officer - Caitlyn Roberts

Caitlyn Roberts’ health career has her keeping a super close eye on mosquitoes!

After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science from ECU, Caitlyn is now an environmental health officer.

Her job involves doing food business inspections, making sure the business is following safe food practices to prevent food borne illness.

To prevent disease, she also does mosquito surveillance! “This involves going out on foot to see if there are large numbers of mosquito larvae to determine if treatment by hand or helicopter is required,” she explains.

Caitlyn says she would have never believed you if you told her three years ago that she’d be walking through pools of water looking for larvae. But there are plenty of opportunities in environmental health emerging all the time.

“One opportunity is around drinking water and how we can secure different drinking water sources for the future,” she says.

Caitlyn’s study and career path to becoming an environmental health officer

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety), ECU
  • Environmental health officer, Shire of Harvey

This profile was brought to you in partnership with ECU and a version of it was originally published in Careers with STEM: Health.


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