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Evan Wong

Co-founder and CEO

Evan Wong

Despite having a law degree Evan Wong isn’t a lawyer. He’s a self-confessed techprenuer

When Evan Wong graduated from the University of NSW with a combined degree in commerce and law, he was never destined for duking it out in a courtroom. Instead,

Evan honed his love for passing on knowledge to found Hero Education, a tutoring and support service for high school kids.

Almost 11 years later, Evan – along with James Han and Paul Wenck – has co-founded another company, this time applying tech in the legal world.

Checkbox, a no-code automated software platform, kicked off in 2016. The company’s aim? To provide a tech edge for legal teams – allowing them to build their own programs, develop workflow and generate documents – with zero coding required.

“After facing the challenge firsthand, I wanted to make legal and compliance content more dynamic and streamlined – that’s how Checkbox started,” Evan says. “The idea to launch Checkbox was to solve a problem.

A lot of the problems today are solved through technology. At Checkbox we empower lawyers and legal teams to build their own software,” he explains. “They use drag and drop techniques to build tools that help them automate manual work. So, when you think about things like wills, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or service agreements… everything is built without coding.”

Lawyers have a limited amount of time, and they can be exxy if you need to engage one, says Evan.

Checkbox means organisations don’t have to think about training up their lawyers in coding programs like Python and JavaScript. Instead, they can automate a lot of their work and roll out their solicitor skills in a more effective way, on a larger scale – keeping clients happy and providing a better experience all round.

Checkbox also works with companies like Coca-Cola and PWC to enable them to build systems to streamline work for their internal legal teams; as well as non-for-profits, where pro-bono lawyers are able to provide their services to more people on a larger scale.

As for jobs… legal technologists, legal engineers and legal operations managers are on the rise. “There are so many different career pathways,” Evan says, so it’s an exciting time to be involved in the law. “It’s also an exciting time to be in tech. There’s such a powerful marriage between the two.”

Evan’s study and career path

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021.


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