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    Evangeline Endacott

    Evangeline discovered security engineering in her second year of uni and fell in love. Image: Lauren Trompp

    When Evangeline Endacott scored the second top marks in her rural high school she defied expectations to follow her passion.

    Evangeline’s great marks meant people in her hometown of Mudgee, NSW expected she would study law. Instead, she enrolled in a computer science (CS) degree at UNSW to pursue her passion for problem-solving.

    While she hadn’t focused on coding at school, Evangeline was fascinated by the inner workings of tech. “I was always thinking ‘how does this work, how does it send information back?’” she says.

    Now in her third year of uni Evangeline is majoring in security engineering with a minor in psychology and works two days a week in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CBA) Cyber Security Associate Program.

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    Evangeline’s psychology minor has helped her take an empathetic human approach to cyber security, where she looks at situations “with two minds”. It’s also given her a lot of practice with report writing, an important part of her cyber security role.

    Cat and mouse!

    While ethical hacking or pen testing is one of the best-known jobs in cyber security, Evangeline says there is a lot more to the field.

    She explains that cyber security roles usually fall into two main areas: the red team (or the pretend bad guys) and the blue team (the good guys). “It’s a cat and mouse game,” says Evangeline.

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    Her current role at CBA is with cyber defence operations, which detects malicious activities. She says this is actually a ‘purple team’, because it integrates elements of red and blue. “There are so many options out there,” she says.

    Love at first byte

    Evangeline discovered security engineering in her second year of uni and fell in love. One of her guest tutors was a member of the CBA cyber security outreach program, who encouraged her to apply for the bank’s Cyber Security Associate Program.

    After finishing her degree, Evangeline is looking forward to joining the CBA Enterprise Services Graduate Program.

    “I’m keen to explore all the opportunities available to me at the CBA,” she says.

    Evangeline’s study and career pathway
    • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, UNSW
    • Lab Assistant and Tutor, UNSW
    • Cyber Security Associate, CBA

    This article is brought to you in partnership with CBA and originally appears in Careers with STEM: Tech 2020.

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