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Frances Lee

Security engineer

Cyber security

After a difficult first year of her tech degree, Frances Lee stuck around and now has a successful career as a security engineer at Google

Frances was still exploring her options when she attended a cyber security talk at a UNSW open day and was fascinated, so she went home and started reading more about it. She loved the idea of a career that would help people and make the internet a safer place, signing up for a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at UNSW.

Her path wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. Frances failed a subject in her first year of uni and considered switching degrees! However, as she hadn’t actually started any cyber security subjects yet, she decided to stick around for another term.

“Luckily I did and I’m here now!” says Frances, who not only now has her degree under her belt, but works as a security engineer at Google, where she helps automate workflows for the security team and also assesses the security of third parties that Google works with.

A highlight of her job? Working with a diverse team of talented people. “Everyone has a multitude of different skills and experiences and it is incredibly insightful to learn and pick their brain on a myriad of different topics,” she says.

Careers with STEM: Cyber Security
Careers with STEM: Cyber Security

Frances’ pathway

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), UNSW
  • Cyber risk advisory intern, Deloitte
  • Security Engineer, Google 

This article is sponsored by Google and was originally published in Careers with STEM: Cyber Security – the flip cover to Careers with STEM: Technology.

Order a print copy here or read the e-mag for free


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