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    Rachel Carpenter

    If you’re in need of computer repairs after a horrific Netflix and spill accident, it’s an easy fix, right? Just pop it into Google and a bunch of different local recommendations come up.

    But Google’s search results are decidedly thinner in other parts of the world. That’s where Rachel Carpenter and her team at Google come in. They are working hard to amend the lack of local data in cities like Mumbai or Jaipur in India, and make sure everyone, everywhere, can benefit from Google’s huge data hub.

    They’ve launched an app called Neighbourly – currently in beta in Mumbai and Jaipur – to answer questions like, “Where’s the best place to eat?” Or “Who is a great maths tutor?” With Neighbourly, hundreds of users are ready to give their best advice, delivered in the local language.

    Rachel herself is something of a global citizen. She spent her childhood sailing around the world on a yacht built by her father… and surprisingly, it taught her a lot about tech.

    “We had this incredible opportunity to meet people with vastly different lifestyles, who spoke so many different languages. It’s certainly helped me understand that the world is a huge place and people understand and use technology in different ways.”

    Rachel landed at Google in much the same way that she sailed the world; by going with the flow. She studied a degree in mechatronics, then switched to computer engineering, then switched again to computer science.

    She discovered the opportunity to intern with Google while on campus but couldn’t see herself succeeding, so didn’t apply. After some encouragement from recruiters, Rachel finally put her application forward and six months later was interning at one of the coolest tech companies in the world. She’s been there ever since.

    If Rachel has learnt anything during her career, it’s to try everything. “Take advantage of every opportunity,” she says. “The more things you try the more you can hone down the limitless possibilities.”

    – Eliza Brockwell

    Rachel’s path

    > > Bachelor of Arts (Spanish) / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), University of Canterbury

    > > Intern (Software Engineering), Tait Electronics

    > > Intern (Software Engineering), Google Australia

    > > Software Engineer, Google Australia


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    “Take advantage of every opportunity. The more things you try the more you can hone down the limitless possibilities.”

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    Eliza Brockwell

    Author: Eliza Brockwell

    Eliza is passionate about creating content that encourages diversity of representation in STEM.


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