Engineering director

    Daniel Nadasi

    Google engineer

    Numbers and puzzles were my thing as a young kid and I had some amazing teachers who encouraged my passion for maths.

    In the penultimate year of my Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Science at the Australian National University (ANU), I got an internship at Google. I loved it so much, I switched degrees to a Bachelor of Science where I had enough credits to graduate and was back at Google two weeks after my internship officially ended.

    My current job, as engineering director at Google, is to lead the geo data infrastructure teams. We build the systems that allow us to create an up-to-date and accurate model of the physical world to power products like Google Maps and Google Search.

    My story is proof that starting off in maths can often lead to unexpected and interesting places!

    Daniel’s path to becoming a Google engineer

    >> Bachelor of Science/Maths, ANU

    >> Software Engineer, Google Australia

    >> Tech Lead/Manager, Google, New York

    >> Engineering director, Google, New York

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    Google engineer

    “My story is proof that maths can lead to unexpected and interesting places!”

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