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Marie-Claire Dean

Google mapper

Marie-Claire Dean is Google’s design manager for a product that many of us use every day: Google Maps. “Maps is an iconic product – it’s a real thrill to deliver something that you see people talking about and using,” she says.

Marie-Claire had an unconventional journey to working in user interface (UI) design. She studied translating and interpreting before she moved towards CS and computational linguistics research. “It’s during that time that I learnt how important design was and started really appreciating UI..

“This is a very exciting time to join the software scene. In the next 10 years we’ll see more advancement than there has been in the last 500 years.” Marie-Claire’s advice? Don’t be afraid of diving into something that sounds hard and to keep a side project going.  

– Larissa Fedunik

Marie-Claire’s career path:

>> Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) (Translating and interpreting, French & German), University of East Anglia

>> Masters of Science (Computer Science), University of East Anglia

>> PhD (Artificial Intelligence & Human Computer Interaction), University of East Anglia

>> Lead Designer, Atlassian

>> Senior Design Manager, Atlassian

>> Design Manager, Google Maps


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