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Tara McIntosh

Google researcher

google research


Until my first year at university I didn’t know what programming was, and now I travel the world working for tech companies. The more I travel, the more I realise how enabling technology is, but at the same time how many problems remain where technology can make a difference.

Often in computing you’re part of a diverse team of people from different backgrounds and life experiences, with different kinds of skills.

I originally enrolled in biomedical science and then did additional computer science courses, blending the two to study bioinformatics.

An understanding of computer science is vital, whether you want to help cure diseases, make the next animated movie or fight climate change. It’s the computer scientists who figure out how to solve the problems we face today. 

Tara’s path to working in Google research

>> Bachelor of Science (Bioinformatics), University of Sydney

>> PhD in computer science, USYD

>> Researcher, University of Melbourne

>> Startup -Wavii (Seattle)

>> Google Research


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