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    Sara Schaare

    Google software engineer

    Even though I was interested in computers and video games from an early age, I never really considered computer science as a career at high school.

    But while I was studying environmental science at university, I took some elective units in computer science. I loved the classes so much I decided to switch my major to computing and mathematical science.

    I started working as a software engineer for Google Maps during my Honours year. I’m developing products for emerging markets, which means I get to solve a lot of interesting engineering challenges, such as getting our products to work optimally for users with old phones and bad internet connections.

    One of the most awesome challenges that computer science will overcome is making the interaction between humans and technology seamless and making technology easy for everyone to use.

    That’s why combining computer science with something else you love will ensure the greatest success in your career.

    Sara’s path to becoming a Google software engineer

    >> Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Waikato

    >> Development intern, Lightwire Limited

    >> Software engineer, Google

     “There is much more technology could be doing to help us lead better lives.”

    Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
    University of Waikato

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