Software engineer

    Grace Chung

    By Ben Skuse

    Computer programming is often seen as dry and boring, but the reality is that it’s useful across a wide variety of careers and appeals to many different personalities.

    “We shouldn’t pigeonhole computer programmers into stereotypes,” says Grace, who is both a Google software engineer and a professional musician.

    She has performed in jazz clubs all around the world, from Hong Kong to Washington DC – wherever her coding job has taken her. “I fit music in between being a mum and my full-time role in technology,” she says.

    Her passion for singing is matched by her love of creating new software. As a team leader, Grace works with a crew of 19 engineers and product managers on projects like Google+, the social network and hub that brings together all of Google’s most popular products. Grace’s team is also improving Google My Business – an app that helps link companies with customers through their presence on things like Google Search and Google Maps.

    One aspect her tech projects have in common is creating things that help people. “Most days, I think about how the technology we use should be more straightforward, so people of all ages and abilities can find apps intuitive and useful,” she says.

    “There is much more technology could be doing to help us lead better lives, be more effective at work and connect with communities – without pinning us to a screen.”

    Ben Skuse

    Author: Ben Skuse

    Ben Skuse is a UK-based former mathematician turned professional science writer, who has written for the Careers with STEM magazines for over 5 years. You can follow him on Twitter @BenSkuseSciComm.