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Pranavi Gangapuri

Graduate developer

Pranavi Gangapuri loves the diversity of engineering and the fun social activities that her graduate developer role offers

In high school, Pranavi enjoyed biology and chemistry, but she was also super into IT so was keen to combine science and tech in her future career.

Her Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering delivered on both fronts, but today Pranavi flexes her skills even more as a graduate developer at the Commonwealth Bank (CBA).

A typical day involves writing code, working as part of a team and writing documentation.

And Pranavi’s a big fan of the structure of CBA’s tech graduate program.

“I work with other awesome graduates and participate in activities like the amazing race, trivia nights and social events,” Pranavi says.

WATCH: Pranavi talk about how she got her gig at Commonwealth Bank

Pranavi encourages students to explore different engineering subjects by doing online courses or activities readily available from universities such as Harvard.

“The field of STEM and specifically engineering is very diverse!” she says. “There are some cool and really interesting spaces arising with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis being combined with software development.”

Pranavi also loves volunteering for educational events, including speaking to young people in school, especially girls, about the importance of STEM education. She credits her STEM study with teaching her about the importance of always asking questions, even if you feel awkward about doing so.

“Sometimes what you think are silly questions are actually really important to be raised!”

Pranavi’s study and career path to becoming a technology grad at Commonwealth Bank

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering, UTS
  • Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice, UTS
  • Biomedical Engineering Intern, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • University Innovation Fellows program, Stanford University
  • Technology graduate/developer, Commonwealth Bank

This article was brought to you in partnership with Commonwealth Bank and first appeared in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2023.

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