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Astrid Jonelynas

Engineering graduate Astrid Jonelynas works in CBA’s retail product platform and loves the practical aspect of her work.

“I get to work within a platform that builds really useful things people access all the time,” she says.  

Astrid did an Honours degree in Mechatronics Engineering at QUT in Brisbane, and first worked with CBA on a project programming a humanoid robot called Chip as part of her Honours project.

“Every day I feel like I’m making a contribution and doing work that actually means something,” Astrid says. “It’s exciting because there are so many options for the future.”

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Astrid’s pathway to becoming a product engineer

> > Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Hons), QUT

> > Engineering Intern, CSIRO

> > Undergraduate Mechatronics Engineer, BHP Billiton

> > CBA’s Enterprise Services Graduate Program

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