Graduate engineer

    Hope Sneddon

    Hope Sneddon - Graduate Engineer

    Graduate engineer Hope Sneddon is kicking goals with her engineering skills, maths know-how and creative vision.

    Hope always loved art and drawing, but a year 10 physics class inspired her to be an engineer. Her plan? To use her skills and help reshape the world.

    “I realised that I was not only capable of understanding applied mathematics, but I was absolutely passionate and fascinated by learning it,” she says.

    “In my final year of study, I was accepted into the Boeing Internship program with Boeing Defence Australia, where I was placed in the Air-Power Teaming System Program,” Hope says. “After graduating from my Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Aerospace) with minors in astrophysics and engineering management I was offered a full-time position as a system engineer,” she says.

    So what does Hope’s day look like?

    8:00am “Get into the office, check my emails and take any technical support meetings from our deployed systems. Also get coffee… coffee is essential.”

    9:30am “Head to the lab for prototype buildings and design documentation. Boeing uses a lot of virtual twin set-ups which is awesome for design and integration ahead of integrating into the real system.”

    12:00pm “Lunch followed by an afternoon of team meetings to discuss what we are each currently working on and talk about any help that is needed or problems we are having trouble solving.”

    4:00pm “Finish work! My days can vary a little bit depending on if I need to go out on site for hardware or to assist with deployed system troubles. No two days are quite the same, which I love.”

    “I find in my work I am a big ‘to-do-list writer’. My team helps me a lot and we all support each other but it is good to keep lists of personal tasks as well as group tasks – especially with systems that no one person could build alone,” Hope says.

    When she’s not at work Hope spends her time drawing, listening to music, going out with friends and hitting the gym. And at the end of the week there’s time for a social life, too. “My team likes to get together for a Friday afternoon catch-up after work.”

    Hope’s study and career path to becoming a graduate engineer

    • Bachelor of Electrical & Aerospace Engineering, QUT
    • Intern at ADF, OPTUS, CS Energy and Boeing
    • Graduate engineer, Boeing

    This article was created in partnership with QUT and originally appears in the QUT STEM Guide 2022.

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