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Abby Hutchins

Graduate mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineer

If you love variety, like Abby Hutchins does, you might want to consider a career with a consulting engineering firm 

From working on giant dam projects like Sydney’s Warragamba, to visiting mega pipelines measuring more than two metres wide, graduate mechanical engineer Abby Hutchins loves that no one project is the same as the next in her gig at global engineering firm WSP.

“It’s never repetitive. You are always looking at a new problem and there’s always a different type of solution to it, which honestly, that’s the part I enjoy the most,” Abby says.

With her love for solving problems and puzzles, Abby initially enrolled in a science degree after high school, but when she met some engineering students at uni, she realised she was in the wrong degree!

“It takes time to learn how to study properly. I didn’t completely get the hang of it until the end of my second year of engineering,” Abby says.

“It also doesn’t matter what degree you get into uni with, universities are flexible and give you the opportunity to change,” Abby says.

To get her gig at WSP, Abby initially applied for and landed an 8-week cadetship placement with the firm. What was meant to be 8 weeks turned into regular part-time work, and now she’s a graduate Abby enjoys working directly with clients.

“It’s one thing to work to meet your project manager’s goals and expectations, a completely different one when you understand where the client’s coming from,” Abby says.

Abby now has her sights set on a project management role at WSP. “I enjoy the organisation and like keeping things to a budget and a schedule. Plus I like working with people in terms of utilising their skills as well.”

Her career advice to students is to do what challenges you. “The most difficult tasks give the most rewarding results.”

Abby’s study and career path to becoming a graduate mechanical engineer

  • Bachelor of Engineering Honors (Mechanical), Macquarie University
  • Mechanical Engineering Intern, WSP
  • Graduate Mechanical Engineer, WSP

This article was brought to you in partnership with Macquarie University and first appeared in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2023.


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