Graduate software developer

    Andrea Olrich

    graduate software developer

    What amazes and excites me about this industry is that my dream job is something I probably haven’t even considered yet. I am fascinated by the challenges of simplifying and making smarter the technologies of today – wearables, the internet of things, virtual reality – and of the future.

    My advice: Do what you love – and do it well. Don’t know what you love? Try all the things! Don’t know how to do it well? Learn – which also involves trying. Try. Fail. Try again. Take risks and opportunities and embrace the challenges you find.

    The best courses I’ve taken or things I’ve built are the ones where I sat there pulling my hair out with an hour to submit still not knowing if it was working or even correct.

    Frankly, if you’re not failing now and again, you’re probably not pushing yourself enough.

    Andrea’s path to becoming a graduate software developer

    >> Bachelor of Commerce/Science, UNSW Australia

    >> Google intern

    >> Graduate software developer, Atlassian

    Graduate software developer

    “Don’t know what you love? Try all the things! Don’t know how to do it well? Learn.”

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