Hannah Passmore

    Veterinarian - Hannah Passmore
    Hannah Passmore, veterinarian

    University of Adelaide graduate Hannah Passmore saves lives for a living – as a vet at an animal emergency centre in Adelaide.

    Hannah Passmore dreamed of being a veterinarian since she was little, even though she knew it was highly competitive and would mean lots of study – she was driven.

    Hannah got the marks to go straight into the Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) at the University of Adelaide, followed by a doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. And after six years of study, which included months of work placements and clinical experience, she’s now living her dream, saving animals for a living.

    “It’s definitely a degree you need to be quite committed to and passionate about. But even if you have to do a different degree first, you’ll end up with a really rewarding career,” says Hannah, who loved the close-knit environment at the Roseworthy Campus, where animal behaviour and animal science courses are taught.

    Her current role is at an animal emergency centre in Adelaide, where Hannah works long shifts after-hours and at night, taking in animals with emergency medical needs. Since working as a veterinarian, one thing Hannah has learned is how important it is to be a people person in this role.

    “I have a huge love of animals, but so much of the job is also to do with your people skills, managing people and client expectations,” she says.

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    Hannah’s study and career pathway to becoming a veterinarian

    • Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience), University of Adelaide
    • Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, University of Adelaide
    • Vet, Vets4Pets, Adelaide
    • Vet, Animal Emergency Centre, Adelaide
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