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Hans Lohr

Materials and Processes Research Officer


Hans Lohr is upcycling factory robots to 3D-print metal parts in a cheaper way

Growing up in rural Victoria, Hans Lohr developed a passion for engineering at

a young age. Now, he’s at the CSIRO engineering new ways to 3D-print metal

This ‘additive manufacturing’ involves using an automated robot laser system to build 3D objects layer by layer. He is using existing factory robots like those used on a factory production line. But 3D-printing metals is complex and expensive.

Hans works with experts in a range of sciences to understand the challenges in 3D printing with these robots. Then, he uses his coding knowledge to help make 3D printing robots easier and cheaper to use for others.

“I find it really satisfying to click the run button in my program and a complex task is executed flawlessly on its own,” he says.

Hans’ study and career pathway

  • Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, Monash University
  • Research Projects Officer (materials and processes), CSIRO
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