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Dr Shahd Al-Janabi

Health systems insight manager

Dr Shahd Al-Janabi, health systems insight manager

Dr Shahd Al-Janabi started in psychology and then switched into an amazing career in Defence

Shahd decided on STEM in the last hour of uni preference selection! She chose a psychology degree on a whim, scored a spot in the course, but realised it wasn’t for her. So, after taking broader classes and testing out different fields, she worked as a research assistant in a cognitive science lab.

She joined DSTG as a cognitive and behavioural scientist and now works with Joint Health Command (JHC) as a Health System Insights Manager.

One of her favourite projects was studying the impact of augmented reality (AR) interfaces on soldiers that move on foot. “Our team used human factors to inform the way in which AR displays could be designed for the Army,” Shahd says.

“Defence has provided me with an opportunity to use my research and academic skills to help shape Defence healthcare service delivery.”

Shahd’s STEM + Defence study and career path

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • PhD in Cognitive Science
  • Postdoctoral researcher
  • Cognitive and behavioural scientist, DSTG
  • Health systems insight manager, JHC

Find out more about Joint Health Command here.

This profile was originally published in the special edition of Careers with STEM: Defence

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