Renewables engineer

    Sam Macpherson

    Sam Macpherson joined Redback Technologies two years ago after completing a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in software engineering, at The University of Queensland (UQ).

    Sam loves his current role, which he landed following three years at a mining company.

    “I write algorithms which orchestrate a large group of household batteries to help deal with energy shortages in the national electricity grid,” he says.

    “Energy harvested from the solar panels can power the house while also participating in a Virtual Power Plant that can produce as much as a coal-fired power station, if you have control of enough batteries.

    “I’m also working on mobile apps to help homeowners optimise their energy usage with real-time notifications of power outages, usage spikes or when free energy is available.”

    Get interactive

    Sam works with customers to develop user experiences they’ll love by gaining insight into how and why they use the software.

    “Every product journey usually starts with human-computer interaction (HCI),” says Sam, who discovered HCI during his degree at UQ. “Advanced HCI flicked a switch for me and I credit the course and the mentors involved for the direction I have taken my career.”

    Sam says the ease of access to mentors and the engineering facilities at UQ helped propel his career, along with the great name the university has in the industry. “UQ is a breeding ground for interesting new technology,” he says.

    “When this job came up at Redback, something felt right and I had realised my dream since year five, which was to work in renewables.”

    – KJ Lee

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    This profile is brought to you in partnership with the University of Queensland.

    HCI Human-computer interaction

    “I credit the course and the mentors for the direction I have taken my career… UQ is a breeding ground for new technology”

    artificial intelligence
    KJ Lee

    Author: Katie Lee

    KJ Lee is a researcher and science writer in Brisbane, Australia.


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