Human Resources Consultant

    Flavia D'Alo

    Human Resources Consultant

    I was born a nerd and am a proud nerd today. I love Marvel comics. I go to ComiCon. I play video games. I own Star Wars droids that run from my mobile phone.

    When I was growing up, my parents fostered a love of science and engineering in our home. Tech was just a happy working out of that passion. Working as a Human Resources Consultant allows me to combine this love of technology with my skills as a people person.

    I was never too concerned about the industry itself. I just thought about the challenge in front of me, whether that was looking at the future of work with a defence client, or helping a chicken processing plant improve their productivity. The most meaningful project I took on was leading human resources for a medical device company. We really were finding a cure for heart disease!

    I think a lot about how role models – both good and bad – shape our society, our communities and our future. I want to help people consider non-traditional paths in their careers and be bold in making it happen.

    I want them to go for it! Be unconventional. My advice is to focus not on who is going to let you, but who or what is going to stop you! If you don’t try, you fail 100% of the time.

    I have built a career in very male-dominated industries. Being a woman in tech has never been a weakness – it’s been a major strength. It’s taught me to speak with humility and inclusiveness, to know first hand that diversity matters, that I stand on the shoulders of great women who came before me, and that y’all can stare at my stilettos through the glass ceiling.

    Flavia is speaking next week at the Women in Technology Australia summit, where over 40 tech stars are coming together to talk about everything from tech trends and leadership lessons to dream jobs and the power of saying ‘Yes’. Meet another Women in Tech speaker, Sonya Corcoran.

    Flavia’s path to becoming a human resources consultant

    >> Human Resources Manager at Department Store

    >> Change Management role at Mining Company BHP Billiton

    >> Human Resources Consultant, Deloitte

    Business Consultant

    “Don’t focus on who is going to let you, but who or what is going to stop you!”


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