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    Isabelle Greco

    Isabelle's love of maths even led to a summer research project deciphering Reddit posts.

    Realising that she could study just maths has opened up a world of possibilities for Isabelle Greco.

    Isabelle had big plans to be an artist or a sports star, until year four when she learned about fractions. “I remember dividing a bunch of random fractions,” she says. “It was so exciting.”

    Isabelle’s love of maths continued throughout school, but for a long time she thought she’d have to work in another STEM field. “If you’re good at maths you become an engineer or a scientist, right?”

    Fortunately, Isabelle discovered the Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences at The University of Adelaide, and now she studies her favourite subject full-time. She was president of the maths society last year, as well as being part of the university’s Women in STEM Careers Program and meeting lots of women with exciting and interesting jobs. “I’ve gone from having no idea what I want to do to having too many things I want to do!” she says.

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    Isabelle has worked on a summer research project deciphering Reddit posts, tried machine learning at a medical-imaging company and spent eight weeks in Sydney at trading firm, Optiver. Seeing how maths is applied to real-world problems was a highlight.

    “The maths you do at school underpins a lot of stuff, it’s just hard to see that at school,” she says. “It’s hard to see how the basics tie into things, but the more you do, the more creative it gets.”

    Isabelle’s Study and Career Pathway

    This article is brought to you in partnership with The University of AdelaideIt originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths 2020

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