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    Isha Pandya

    The iPhone changed many lives – and also the career path of Telstra graduate, Isha Pandya. “As I was doing my undergrad, I wasn’t that interested in programming,” she says. “I was interested in the business side of things. Around that time the iPhone came out and I realised that anyone can create apps.”

    After completing an online course, Isha (who was living in India at the time) started making her own apps by developing a calendar app. It would store meetings, notes and also provide the user with daily forecasts. She also created her own app to provide potential restaurant customers with menus.

    Isha then moved to Australia, and was accepted into Telstra’s Summer Vacation Program for new graduates. She believes her history and experience developing her own apps was part of the reason she was accepted into the program. In her current position at Telstra she works on web and mobile development, and thrives on the challenge that her job offers. “It’s like a puzzle,” she says.

    Although she may not have initially been interested, Isha now loves coding. She even mentors children between the ages of 6 to 16 and teaches them to code. “When I started learning programming it was very structured,” she says. “Now, when kids learn coding, they learn it as a game.” Isha also participates in the government hackathons. These hands-on sessions also include presentations from other tech organisations, such as Amazon, who teach participants how to use their systems.

    – Penny Pryor

    Isha’s path to creating her own apps and working for Telstra:

    > > Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology, Gujarat University, India

    > > Master of Information Technology (Computer Science), La Trobe University

    > > Telstra Summer Vacation Program

    > > Telstra Graduate Program

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    isha pandya makes own apps

    “The iPhone came out and I realised that anyone can create apps.”

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