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Vi Tran

IT and Engineering double degree student

QUT Student Ambassador and IT and engineering double degree student Vi Tran encourages all future students to keep an open mind about what to study at uni

Vi’s love for physics and philosophy at school led her towards a STEM path, but she wasn’t sure what to study at uni.

“As I was choosing my QTAC preferences, I realised the main reason I enjoyed studying Physics and Philosophy and Reasoning so much was that I enjoyed logical thinking and problem solving,” Vi says.

Snap! Choosing a double degree in engineering and IT at QUT became the logical next step.

Now Vi is a student ambassador at QUT where she gets to show off QUT equipment such as the augmented reality sandbox and the Boston Dynamics robot dog to prospective students at events like Open Day and TSXPO.

“I get so many opportunities to interact with various technologies and meet industry professionals and researchers who are working on amazing projects which really keeps me motivated to continue studying for my degree,” Vi says.

If she had her time again, Vi says she would make the most of events like Open Day, keep an open mind about what to study, and explore all her options in more detail.

“There are a ton of career and study options out there that you will love, you just need to find them,” Vi says.

The future is AI-mazing

And she’s keen to see what comes next in technology thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

“Lots of exciting career opportunities will arise from it and I’m excited to see what else we can develop from it,” Vi says.

Prior to starting her double degree in electrical engineering and computer science at QUT, Vi says she hadn’t studied engineering or coding. “It is definitely possible for you to study STEM even without studying something similar prior,” Vi adds.

This profile was produced in partnership with QUT.

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