Mechatronic Engineer

    Joseph Modolo

    Joseph Modolo
    As farmers adapt to a growing population, water shortages and rising temperatures, engineers are helping them find smarter ways to feed the world

    Undergraduate mechatronic engineer Joseph Modolo is using his software and robotics skills to give macadamia farmers the technology to accurately count and map their crops

    Joseph is studying third-year Mechatronic Engineering at QUT part-time while working at AgTech startup Corematic. He’s using his problem solving, software and technical skills to engineer a system that uses computer vision to count the nuts produced by macadamia trees.

    This helps farmers adjust water and fertiliser for the best crop yield. Corematic has also helped find smarter ways to harvest sweet potatoes, and reduce waste from sugar cane crops.

    “Agriculture has a lot more unknowns than a warehouse,” Joseph says.

    Changing careers

    Joseph is no stranger to getting his hands dirty. Before he enrolled in his degree at QUT, he spent over 10 years as a mechanic.

    “I was more interested in understanding how things worked than fixing cars,” he says.

    As well as his degree studies, Joseph got involved as an executive in QUT’s Aerospace Society, which helped him land his role at Corematic.

    “Employers want to know what you do outside of uni. That shows your true character,” he says.

    Joseph’s study and career pathway


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