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    Karen Cogan

    Karen Cogan works as a Graduate Data Analyst for professional services giant Deloitte. “It’s awesome working with a team to help clients solve all sorts of complex problems,” she says.

    She enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Sydney but changed to a Bachelor of Science degree after the first year, majoring in computer science and maths.

    “I’ve always been interested in technology and the more logical/problem solving type subjects at school,” she recalls.

    Growing up, she tagged behind her older brothers, copying everything they did. “They both played lots of computer games and I think that may have influenced me,” she says.

    Karen says that the industry still has a lack of women, something she’s keen to help address. She noticed at uni that subjects like engineering, computer science and maths attracted far more males than females.

    “In one engineering subject, I was the only female in my class,” she says. “That is mirrored in the business world – the number of women in STEM related careers is really small.”

    On graduating, Karen worked as a support developer for a security firm, fixing system bugs in existing programs and creating reports and updating database fields.

    “I jumped at the chance to work in data consulting for Deloitte because I really wanted a client facing role,” she says.

    The job is full of variety, she says. “My day-to-day depends on the project I’m working on,” she says. “In my Deloitte career path, I work in a dynamic, challenging and team-based environment. I get to work with clients and help them capture and use data to make business decisions.”


    Karen’s Deloitte career path

    > > Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Computer Science), University of Sydney

    > >  Application Support Developer

    > > Graduate Data Analyst, Deloitte


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    Deloitte career path

    “In my Deloitte career path, I work in a dynamic, challenging and team-based environment.”

    Fran Molloy

    Author: Fran Molloy

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