Creative technologist and web developer

    Kat Clark

    By Laura Boness

    She literally flies high on the weekends in her second job as a trapeze artist and trainer, but creative technologist and web developer Kat is scaling new heights at her company Hello Developers, where she’s become one of Australia’s top 50 female programmers.

    Surprisingly enough, she was completely uninterested in computers as a child. “They made me all sweaty and uneasy,” she says. “It wasn’t until my cousin Lauren showed me some basic Photoshop magic that I started to dig computers,” she says.

    Kat took a Bachelor of Digital Media at UNSW Australia’s College of Fine Arts, where she coded all of her 3D animation logbooks because she thought presenting an interactive webpage with animated gifs would be cooler than using Word documents. She also taught herself programming after uni. “People kept on asking me to code stuff because they couldn’t get their heads around it,” she says. “So I taught myself for them, really.”

    Kat says the word on the street is that people who are good at maths are also good at juggling (literally). At school, she and some of the other students used to juggle, and a teacher arranged circus classes for sport, as well as exchange programs with performing arts high schools.

    After uni, Kat started going to flying trapeze classes. Now a qualified flying trapeze instructor, she works weekends at the Australian Recreational Centre for Aerial Arts in Sydney. There Kat trains new staff and uses her skills from Hello Developers to run the centre’s website and help with business management.

    She says it’s important to exercise because “it makes you smarter”. She also says to keep an eye out for simple solutions.

    “If you did something six months ago, there’s probably a better solution by now.”


    Bachelor of Media Arts
    College of Fine Arts, UNSW Australia

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