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Kerrie Mengersen


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By Carrie Bengston

When statistician Kerrie Mengersen steps into The Cube – an enormous digital interactive and learning display space at QUT’s Science and Engineering Centre – a virtual Great Barrier Reef surrounds her in 3D, teeming with life.

The reef’s health and biodiversity need to be monitored and managed carefully. But there’s a vast amount of research data to process and understand, accessed from all kinds of sources like satellites and autonomous underwater vehicles.

As a statistician, Kerrie has the skills to work out what the data is saying. Natural resource managers then use her findings to make important decisions about the reef and its future.

“It’s wonderful solving challenges using stats and computer science,” she says.

Whatever your passion – environment, health, business – Kerrie says you’ll be in great demand and have a fantastic career if you have skills in CS and maths.

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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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