Service Desk Analyst

    Leah Grant-Moore

    Leah’s employer is AdvanceRetail – a cutting edge software business that meets the technology needs of big-deal online stores.

    Ex-store manager Leah Grant-Moore is kicking goals in retail 2.0

    At high school Leah always favoured science and maths, but didn’t look into the ’T’ in STEM until she was at uni. She enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Wellington, fell in love with computer science and decided to major in information and systems management. 

    “I didn’t find my love for tech until my second semester of first year,” Leah stresses. “It was honestly the best change I made!”

    A part-time gig in retail equipped her with a great understanding of both the shop-floor and the technology needed to keep it running. And now? She’s a Service Desk Analyst working for an awesome NZ-based next-gen retail company. 

    Click and career

    Leah’s employer is AdvanceRetail – a cutting edge software business that meets the technology needs of big-deal online stores! The ex-retail manager spends 9 to 5 looking after clients in the Asia-Pacific region, solving their problems and assisting with large-scale roll-outs. 

    “I’ve always worked very closely with customers in my previous in-person retail jobs, so it’s good to still be able to do that and build strong relationships with our customers,” she says.

    With a focus in areas like app development, inventory management, customer service and supply chain processes, there are definitely challenges when the customers aren’t face-to-face. “With tech retail you don’t always have an answer for a customer straight away! There’s a lot of troubleshooting and behind-the-scenes work.” 

    The future of shopping

    Leah’s seriously excited about the future of shopping – especially click and collect technologies which have advanced significantly in the last 12 months due to COVID.

    And her advice to students considering merging their love of tech and shopping? “Don’t panic if you don’t know exactly which path you want to go down yet. Just take every opportunity you can – including working in a physical shop!” 

    Leah’s study and career pathway

    • Supervisor, Bunnings
    • Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Information Systems and Management, University of Wellington
    • Service Desk Analyst, AdvanceRetail

    This story originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021.


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